Arginine Info is an independent website focusing on amino acid arginine. We share science-based information about arginine and its role in human health. Our mission is to grow knowledge about arginine and the ways in which it can help maintain well-being.

Our knowledge is based on more than 30 years of research. In Finland we have published, lectured and organized webinars about arginine for over 10 years. We are independently funded and do not endorse any arginine supplement manufacturers.  

Arginine and Health publication series

Arginine and Health is a series of popular scientific publications about the amino acid arginine and its effects on health. The publication series is based on original research as well as thousands of peer-reviewed scientific articles. 

The publications introduce you to the basic concepts about arginine that are easy to understand and apply in daily life. In addition to theory, the authors have included a few real-life cases that represent different functions of arginine. Common misconceptions about arginine are also discussed.

This series helps you gain a deeper understanding of arginine’s role in the key metabolic factors for a healthy, medication-free lifestyle. The content is suitable for anyone interested in their own or their loved ones’ health.

 The following publications are available in English at the moment:

  1. Arginine - The Basics (available also on Amazon Kindle  and Google Play)
  2. Arginine and Circulation  (available also on Amazon Kindle  and Google Play)
  3. Arginine and the immune system  (available also on Amazon Kindle  and Google Play)

Upcoming webinars

What do endurance and high energy levels, strong immune system and good mood have in common? This free webinar gives you an idea of the role of arginine in 30 minutes. 

You can download the free webinar handout in advance via this link.

The latest Arginine and Health introduction webinar was broadcast on The 20th of April 2021.

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